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2 1/2 Inch Drawer Pulls Brushed Nickel

This 3. 5" drawer pulls is a great deal on a 10-pack of brushednickel. Org handles. It comes in a shiny, brushed nickel finish, and is in a 3. 5" inch drawer. It is perfect for a new house or a long-term home.

Best 2 1/2 Inch Drawer Pulls Brushed Nickel

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2 1/2 Inch Drawer Pulls Brushed Nickel Walmart

These pulls are a great value and look great! The brushednickel. Org handle is a nice touch and makes for a great looks and feel. We love the different color choices and the fact that they are single pulls that are also really easy to use. these drawer pulls are a 15 pack and they come with a brushed nickel 2 12 in. Hole centers. this is a 3. 5 inch drawer pull case. It is made of brushed nickel with a nickel finish. The pulls areloader-style pulls with nickel-chrome hardware. There are a of 3. 5 inch pulls with nickel-chrome brushednickel. Org handles. The pulls are designed to open from the back, and then the pull handle is used to open the drawer. this two-in-one drawer pull is a great value for your money. It has a brushed nickel finish with a good old-fashioned degree of stainless steel. It has two sets of handle, which makes it easy to move. The pulls are also heat resistant.