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Brushed Nickel French Door Handles

Our french door handles are 24 offset entries wide and the length is 80 inches. They are cranked 304 stainless steel with a satin finish.

Cheap Brushed Nickel French Door Handles

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Brushed Nickel French Door Handles Ebay

This is a great value for your money and will make your shop feel more like a home. These brushed nickel french door handles are will provide a beautiful show of quality and are top quality for the market. this is a brushed nickel french door handle lock set for your home interior doors. The locks are small key type dummy models that you can use to protect your doors from unauthorized access. The dummylocks are designed to look like the various types of keys you and your friends will often see in your home interior doors. the 2 emtek door handles are a beautiful, brushed nickel color. They are clearly made to show up in your home's decor and make your home look more official. The handles have nice, smooth sides that are great for pulling booksinals open. The black paint that covers the handles is a great way to keep them clean and in good condition. The set includes 3 keys to each door, so you can always know which one is open. The handles are stainless steel material that is easy to clean.