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Brushed Nickel Shower Head

Looking for a luxurious shower that is easy to use and maintain? look no further than the aqua elegante! This 3 in 1 shower head is perfect for a beautiful bath or walk through stream. With its luxurious brass finish, you'll want one just for itself.

Brushed Nickel Shower Heads

If you're looking for a sleek andosta shower head that will give your home a fresh look, you'll want a brushed nickel option. These heads are made of lightweight plastic and have a sleek design, making them perfect for easy storage. Not only will you be able to find them more affordable, but you'll also be able to find them with better quality. Just be sure to check out our reviews to learn how to make the most out of our prices.

Shower Heads Brushed Nickel

Our shower heads are made of brushed nickel rain square sprayer with 16 inch led light bar. This set comes with a wall mount brushed nickel rain square sprayer and a rain square treatment on the top of the shower head. this brushed nickel shower head is perfect for a presidents inauguration! With its handheld combo of rain and spray, you and your guests can have a beautiful rain shower experience. The teeth on this head are designed togeather with the slim design and the included spray arm. the new bright showers pss3919-02 is a brushed nickel shower head that has two strobe lights and a handheld controller. It is perfect for making your shower more colorful and professional. this is a hand-held shower head that uses a led light that will indicate the level of light needed. The wall-cam style mount will allow you to set the level of light and then use the shower as a beautiful rain shower. The rain shower will even reach the floor!