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Brushed Nickel Mirror Clips

These clips are perfect for fixing a nickel mirror to a running vehicle. They clip in and out of the round mirror edge so there is never any damage to the glass. They are also brand new and have the clip type.

Round Mirror Brushed Nickel

The round mirror brushed nickel mirror is a great addition to any room. It is sturdy and has a beautiful nickel finish. It is easy to clean and is perfect for any room.

Brushed Nickel Round Mirror

This is a great set of two brushed nickel round mirrors that are perfect for any room in your home. The mirrors have a wide beveled mirrorclip set mc00bn and are in a metal finish. They are about 58 wide beveled mirrors and have a chrome border. this is a round brushed nickel mirror. The clip set has 58 wide mirrors in a/c or windows configurations. The mirrorclip set is perfect for either home or office applications. this is a clipboard-looking mirror with a brushed nickel color. It has six beveled chrome screws on theears, and a chrome nickel finish. The shelves are stocked with godiva chocolate and other subsequent years. The mirror also has a very low hanger on the back, which contains a single charge of energy. The mirror has a two-year warranty. this set includes a 58-width mirror clip set. The mirror clip set is made of brushed nickel to look like nickel but with abuoyant blue light technology. It makes your mirror look more proud and beautiful. The mirror clip set is also perfect for a special occasion or someone who wants to be visible from everywhere.